Challah for ACTS for Messiah

ACTS for Messiah is baking and selling Sabbath Challah bread for the Messianic community at Beth Immanuel in Hudson, WI to raise money for the mission. This fresh bread is made with Emily Dwyer's own delicious challah recipe and the love of Messiah. Adorn your Sabbath table with a double mitzvah and a reward in this world and in the world to come. Bread is baked fresh every Thursday.

Emily Dwyer at Beth Immanuel

Messianic Jewish missionary to Uganda, Emily Dwyer, shares her story and work in two,  moving presentations at Beth Immanuel Sabbath Fellowship in Hudson, WI. Click here to listen to the presentation at

Listen and be inspired to become part of what God is doing internationally through the Messianic Jewish movement.


New website is up!

Welcome to the brand new Acts for Messiah website! After the old one experienced some technical difficulties, we decided to revamp the whole online experience. Featuring a shiny new display, you’ll find the interface is now much more user friendly allowing for ease of access browsing between informational pages, photo albums, and the donation page. Check back for exciting news updates!