Support Goretti

Goretti is a young Ugandan mother. Hardly able to support herself, she is raising two young boys while caring for an HIV positive cousin.

Since the father of her boys left, Goretti has struggled. She wants what any mother would want. To provide her children with a good home and an education. Even though her son Daniel excels in his studies, he is unable to continue in his schooling.

Between Daniel and the classroom is the cost of a pair of shoes and a school uniform.

Despite her desperate circumstances which are all too common in Uganda, Goretti has a love for HaShem. It is not through endless donations that Goretti seeks to support her family. She believes in self-sustenance, and with a small financial kickstart she will become independent.

With a $450 donation, Goretti will be able to open a little shop in her home on Busia road and  serve tomatoes, onions, soup, tea, and cassava chips among other foods. The location is excellent. She lives on a very congested road that sees a lot of foot and boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) traffic, which would provide her with more than enough customers.

With your donation, you will provide Goretti with much more than a little money. You will be giving her a life and a life for her children. All it takes is $450 to turn their lives around.