Olinga Gilbert Elected as Guild President.

Olinga Gilbert and supporters celebrate victory

In early December, Olinga Gilbert (one of ACTS for Messiah’s boys) was elected to the prestigious position of Guild President at the international Cavendish University. To Gilbert, who is studying Social Economic Science, the election and subsequent victory came as a surprise.

“Becoming a Guild President of an international university where 90% of students are foreigners had never crossed my mind,” Gilbert said. “This was the work of HaShem.” Gilbert only found out he had been nominated into the election after he returned from a week of field work in North Uganda.

Even after nomination, his chances didn’t seem strong. Two other candidates had been campaigning since last semester, and Gilbert did not have the necessary funds.

 “I never ran up and down trying to convince students to vote for me or get any favors from the university staff,” said Gilbert. As the election progressed, however, support for Gilbert grew and sponsors covered his election fees.

In the last week of the campaign the three candidates had a public debate in front of thousands of students.

“God gave me the words that I spoke that so impressed the students,” said Gilbert. Gilbert says this debate was the beginning of victory.

After winning the election, Gilbert has been given opportunities to meet international ambassadors, corporate businessmen, and other powerful figures in Africa. With these new opportunities, come new challenges. Gilbert now must appoint a cabinet, while navigating around bribery and corruption and avoiding ethnic clashes at the same time.

ACTS for Messiah asks that you remember Gilbert in your prayers.