Messianic Youth Conference

ACTS for Messiah children attended a messianic youth conference in early January.

Describing the four day experience as some of the best days of their lives, the ACTS teenagers attending the messianic youth conference participated in fellowship with messianic congregations in Uganda. 

Held in the village of Kituuto and hosted by local messianic communities, the “Let No One Despise Your Youth” conference served to encourage the teens to live a Torah-based lifestyle, despite worldly immorality.  Additionally, the conference inspired strong support for Israel and the pursuing of Jewish relations.

The discussion of how to apply biblical standards and the practices of Yeshua to daily life entailed emphasis on pursuing a career in a Godly fashion, as well as how to have Godly and moral marital relationships. These are both extremely difficult in much of the Torah-less Africa.  

All the ACTS teenagers in attendance actively participated in singing, cooking, teaching, and learning.