Help further their education

The LORD has helped ACTS for Messiah through Emily to teach Torah to more than 20 children who have lived in her home over the past seventeen years. Through the many generous sponsors, we've also been able to give them an academic education. Please continue to pray that the older 'children' who have graduated, and are now on their own, will follow our master Yeshua (Jesus).

One of the young men currently with us, Stanley, is a wonderful example of one who is on fire for the LORD, and he is mentoring other boys in the hostel in Kampala, between his own studies and responsibilities. He just completed his Information Technology internship and diploma. With God’s help he will commence his university studies later in 2018. Please especially lift him up, and pray against the enemy, who seeks to destroy him, and all of us who love our LORD.

We also have another young person who is in need of our assistance to complete her education. Anna is a bright, competent, 20 year old, who had been selected to study nursing in the best program in the country. She is such a sweet and gentle young woman. Emily had a conversation with Anna about her future career and found that teaching, rather than nursing would be a better fit. She said if she chose teaching it would definitely not be primary it would be secondary. Then she added, “I don't want to just be in the classroom I want to be the leader, I want to be the head mistress.” Emily heard passion and excitement in her voice for the first time. She has submitted an application to Bugema University. It will cost a little over $1000 USD a semester to send her to study towards an Education Degree.

Anna has done well in her studies so far, and is very responsible. She has been a big help while Emily has been in the States, as she is in charge of the home in Jinja. She will begin school in January, if we are blessed with the funds to send her.

We ask that you would prayerfully consider sending a one-time gift to go towards educating these two young people, or possibly sending any amount every month to go towards sponsoring one of them. Thank you so much for your prayers, and your financial gifts! We look forward to your continued partnership with us in intercession. May the LORD bless you, and give you His Shalom