Funding Project - Transportation

In Tororo, independent transportation is a necessity for a mission home. Relying on rides from boda bodas (motorbikes) and taxi drivers is unpredictable, expensive and dangerous. Small trips can take hours, and boda boda accidents are frequent.


In the past, the AFM ministry has used a van for medical emergencies (of not only the children but also their families), visiting the children’s villages, bringing Torah to Messianic communities in the rural villages, driving to important events and ceremonies for the children and even picking up a body for burial.


For months now the AFM van (seen in photo) has been stuck in a repair shop with no promise of a speedy or affordable fix. After a recent investigation we have learned that there is much more wrong with the van than originally realized. Not only does the engine need to be replaced, but also the gearbox and other expensive parts. The current estimate is approximately $10,000.


Given the heightened cost we are no longer looking to fix the van, but are instead hoping to replace it with a smaller, more efficient vehicle - something sturdy with good gas mileage.


Our goal is to raise $5,000 to purchase a new, safe and affordable vehicle. With HaShem’s help we will once again be mobile and be an available asset to the Messianic community in Tororo as well as being able to provide basic transportation for the AFM family.


Thank you for your prayers and financial support in regard to this situation.


May HaShem bless your every endeavor.