Challah for ACTS for Messiah

ACTS for Messiah is baking and selling Sabbath Challah bread for the Messianic community at Beth Immanuel in Hudson, WI to raise money for the mission. This fresh bread is made with Emily Dwyer's own delicious challah recipe and the love of Messiah. Adorn your Sabbath table with a double mitzvah and a reward in this world and in the world to come. Bread is baked fresh every Thursday.

The price is $6.00 per loaf of challah. If you live locally in the Hudson area, send in your order by Wednesday each week. Use the contact form. The fresh bread will be made every Thursday in the Beth Immanuel kitchen and available for pick up on Fridays.

ACTS for Messiah Challah bread is a delicious way to beautify the mitzvah of Sabbath while simultaneously supporting the important work of Acts for Messiah in Uganda.

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